Test Your Radical Marriage IQ

quiz2Just for fun, read the Radical Marriage book and then take this test of your “Radical Marriage IQ.” Enjoy!

1. The word “Radical” in Radical Marriage means:
A. Getting kinky in bed
B. Having more than one partner, like an open marriage
C. Doing away with traditions and customs
D. Different from the usual or traditional

2. Commitment in a Radical Marriage:
A. Is minimized because it ties people down
B. Is paramount and beyond traditional marriage
C. Is the same as traditional marriage
D. Is for five years at a time, then re-evaluated

3. In a Radical Marriage, if it’s scary or hard to do:
A. Don’t do it
B. Go for it
C. You’re probably doing it right
D. None of the above

4. Radical Intimacy means:
A. Having exciting adventures together
B. Cuddling and holding hands
C. Sharing everything inside you
D. Expressing your feelings

5. Which is NOT a recommended Radical Sex strategy?
A. Affairs
B. Daily sex
C. Expanding beyond intercourse
D. Appointment sex

6. Compromise in a Radical Marriage:
A. Is highly recommended
B. Used as a last resort
C. Can solve any problem
D. Interferes with personal happiness and is not recommended

7. “Never say No” in a Radical Marriage means:
A. Always do what your partner wants
B. Your needs aren’t important
C. Go along with your partner even when you don’t want to
D. Respond positively and find something to say “Yes” to

8. Radical Marriage is for couples who:
A. Are in trouble and want to save their marriage by any means possible
B. Want to keep their options open and don’t see the need for a marriage license
C. Want to take their good relationship to the next level and beyond
D. Desire the freedom to do what they want

9. The difference between happiness and fulfillment is:
A. There is no difference, just different words for the same thing
B. Happiness is achievable and fulfillment is an impossible myth
C. Happiness is experienced individually, fulfillment as a couple
D. Happiness is transitory and fulfillment is long term

10. Which is NOT one of the Five Promises of Radical Marriage?
A. I promise to respect your feelings
B. I promise to be your hero
C. I promise to choose you first
D. I promise to love you every day

Answer Key:
1- D
2- B
3- C
4- C
5- A
6- B
7- D
8- C
9- D
10- A

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